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The combination of passion spirits and professionalism are what Spada are all about..

From Spada`s spacious showroom, which looks out towards the blue horizon from the Port of Tel Aviv, we invite you into a world of aesthetics, design and art, touching upon the spheres of nature and water, a temple of sensations that gives new meaning to the term "lifestyle."

Spada offers the finest products for home and bathroom for those who choose to emphasize their quality of life as the most important element in all matters related to pampering bathing ceremonies, to good living at home and outside the home: bathrooms and accessories from the world`s most acclaimed designers, carpets, furniture ,wall papers, fabrics for interiors, floorings, fireplaces together with a long line of unique, high-quality, carefully selected complementary products selected by Yael Spada, to create a culture of living.

We at Spada see the entire home environment, every corner, inside and out, as a single entity demanding investigation and understanding. A place where a conversation is conducted between the senses, nature, water, intimacy and mystery.

Our sources of inspiration are influenced by everything surrounding us, touching us, flooding us with feelings, expanding our point of view, surprising us, leaving a mark. Nature, art, touch and listening are all part of the materials from which the term "lifestyle" was coined.

Spada serves as a meeting place for architects, designers and people whose dedication to quality and creativity knows no boundaries; their search for the special, the precise, and the unexpected, forms part of their daily vocabulary.Our clients are the most upper class of society here in Israel. They are familiar with everything the world has to offer, very wealthy and entirely design orientated.Among them are the most famous families in Israel, celebrities, Boutique hotels, Restaurants, and stylish café`s.

Spada invites you to encounter a wide variety of possibilities, studies the subject in depth and presents you with a great variety of solutions, based on your requirements and guidelines, displaying a variety of styles and options imported from Europe, Japan and Australia to find the most precise method of achieving the lifestyle you have selected.

Spada welcomes you to our show room:

Spada, Hanger 1, Port of Tel Aviv