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Toilet bowls
Toilet Bowlswe have never before had such a fineselection of toilet bowls to show you. As part of the sanitary equipment group, toilet bowls play a key part in bathroom and toilet design and we at Spadapresent you with the best brands that Europe has to offer.
You can choose between wall-mounted toilet bowls and monoblock toiletbowls, toilet bowls with hidden mechanisms or bowls with classic and elegantdesigns.
Furthermore, Spada offers you the choice of a wide variety of toilet bowlsin a myriad of designs, styles, sizes and colors − all you have to do ischoose.
We will be happy to provide you with professional advice to help you in theselection of toilet bowls, sanitary equipment and accessories, because Spadadesigns lifestyle, and we take care of all the smallest details
Spada – designing a lifestyle!